Water Exercise

When the YMCA pool is your environment and water redefines what resistance feels like, you are in a YMCA water exercise class. Classes include a variety of shallow and deep water environments that use different equipment to increase strength and endurance.

Water Aerobics

  • Truly for all levels. Each participant decides his or her own pace and repetitions.
  • For anyone with compromised ankle, knee and hip joints - the water offers greatly reduced impact to joints.
  • Resistance created by the water is always a factor
  • No swim experience is necessary

YMCA Water Aerobics breaks through the typical confines of land-based classes to help you move your body differently. Water Aerobics is located in the pool and is an ultra-low impact combination of cardio, strength and stretching exercises. Instructors are given freedom to infuse their individual style into classes that build muscle, improve balance and burn calories in an environment that reduces stress on joints and muscles. 

For a complete listing of all water exercise classes offered at YMCAs with pool, visit our group fitness schedule page