Cycle classes at the YMCA are invigorating and heart pumping. Designed for members to go at their own pace, YMCA cycle classes challenge both your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

If you're new to Cycle, be sure to enter class a few minutes early so the instructor can help you with bike settings and adjustments.

The YMCA offers many different cycle classes from hilly terrain to easier beginner classes. 

YMCA Cycle classes are designed for all members. Classes are taught with varying levels of difficulty and intensity (hills). But stick with a cycle class, and you'll see results to your endurance.

The Cycle class below is offered at 15 YMCA locations.

Cardio Cycle

  • For anyone looking to be challenged with an intense cardio workout
  • Offers multiple speeds and intensity within each class to mimic sprints and climbs
  • Challenging to all levels
  • Takes some commitment. Stick with it, attend at least three classes and you'll feel results

Set to the beat of up-tempo music, Cardio Cycle invites you to hop on a bike and take a spin, then challenges you with virutal climbs and sprints.

Cardio Cycle is designed to mirror the intensity of riding a bike through varied terrain. Instructors create an intense ride where the soundtrack will mirror your pace as you climb, sprint and pedal your way through a challenging workout, regardless of your workout level.

The YMCA offers many different Cycle classes. Find them on our group fitness schedule page.