Cardio Strength

YMCA Cardio Strength classes incorporate both strength and cardio to help maximize your time while creating an environment that increases your caloric burn and strength. Build strength and endurance and improve your heart and lung health with Cardio Strength classes. 

The classes below are offered at 15 YMCA locations.

Half Time

  • For anyone looking to challenge themselves through a workout that includes strength and cardio.
  • Offers a mix of strength eercises using tires, bands, weights and body weight
  • Offers a mix of cardio exercises using sprints, jumping jacks and other activities to get your heart rate going
  • Burn calories, build muscle and never get bored
  • Options offered so you can participate regardless of your fitness experience

A combination of cardio and strength exercise using different equipment options to keep you on your toes. There is no set format. Every class is different with half of the class time dedicated to cardio exercises and half the class time dedicated to strength exercises. Your instructor will lead and challenge you to new heights in your workouts.


  • For anyone looking for the best of cardio, strength and flexibility classes
  • Focuses on a flow from one discipline to the next
  • Challenging for all levels

Fusion combines the benefits of a cardio workout, strength training and flexibility training into the perfect group fitness class. With a focus on strengthening your spirit, mind and body, instructors will lead you through a class that emphasizes a flow from one discpline to the next. You'll get the best benefits of each of these disciplines and leave feeling more whole than when you arrived. 

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