Cardio Fitness

Cardio Fitness classes range from the tried and true Step Aerobics to more advanced classes such as Boot Camp. Just like the Armed Forces, except YMCA instructors are kinder and we let you go home after an hour. 

Each YMCA Cardio Fitness class will get your heart rate up and give you a solid 30- to 60-minute workout. The intensity levels vary from class to class, but all YMCA Cardio Fitness classes can be modified for any fitness level.

If you're new to Cardio Fitness, welcome! Below are YMCA Core Classes offered at every membership YMCA. 

Please wear comfortable clothing and sneakers and bring a water bottle. YMCA group fitness instructors are friendly and available to help before each class.

Cardio Fitness classes are designed to get your heart rate up and get you moving. The classes below are for any group fitness experience level and offered at all membership YMCAs. 

Step Aerobics

  • Uses a step to create moderate impact
  • For anyone looking for an all-cardio class
  • Designed with easy-to-follow cues, soo all experience levels can participate

That familiar favorite that's always there to keep you motivated, Step Aerobics is a classic group exercise with a modern twist. Using an aerobics step and ever-changing choreography to burn away calories, instructors keep you moving to the beat of fun music. This is a fun class with moves that make you feel like you're dancing and routines are built through progressions using the space on and around your step. You don't have to be light on your feet to pick up the routine, and it's great for any experience level.

Boot Camp

  • For anyone looking to challenge themselves through a workout that includes strength and cardio
  • Offers a mix of intervals, strength exercises and more to get your heart rate going
  • options offered so you can participate regardless of your fitness experience
  • Burn calories, build muscle and never get bored

Inspired by the military workouts our Armed Forces use, Boot Camp will challenge and push you further than you would push yourself. YMCA Boot Camp is a combination of cardio and strength exercise using unique equipment options. There is no set format, and every class is different. From intervals to sprints and strength exercises, your instructor becomes a Drill Sergeant who will challenge you to reach new heights with your workouts.


  • For anyone looking to get fit and relieve stress in a high energy setting
  • Built on choreographed progressions
  • Cardio-driven with some strength training elements
  • Open to any experience levels

Influenced by martial arts like Karate, Taekwondo and Boxing, Kickbox is a non-contact, unrelenting cardio workout that gives you the change to punch and kick your way to fitness. It's set to inspiring music and the punches and kicks will annihilate calories and leave you feeling stronger and leaner.

Interval Training

  • For anyone ready to challenge themselves with a high intensity workout
  • Great for maximum benefit in one class
  • Open to any experience levels - we'll push you to your highest intensity

With a high level of intensity matched only by a high level of results, Interval Training combines rapidly repeating sets of exercises to provide maximum calorie burn and cardiovascular training.

This is perhaps the most challenging class in the Cardio Fitness category. It's designed around segments of quick, high-intensity bursts of exercise with limited recovery time, you'll gain increased speed, maximize the calories you burn and challenge yourself constantly. 

For a complete listing of all Cardio Fitness classes offered at YMCAs, visit our group fitness schedule page.