Free Group Fitness Classes

Our YMCAs offer a wide variety of group fitness classes  for almost every ability and interest. Each month our Association holds more than 300 group fitness classes across YMCA branches throughout the Triangle.

You'll find low-impact and beginner classes, cardio fitness, dance, Pilates, cycle and Yoga and more advanced cycle, boot camp and kick boxing classes.

YMCA free group fitness classes are for YMCA Members age 14 and older. (Members under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.) See a full list schedule here.

Group Fitness Class Types

Active Older Adults

These classes are geared to our senior members (ages 65 and older) and include low-impact, chair Yoga and water exercise.

Cardio Fitness

Cardio Fitness classes include kickboxing, outdoor boot camp and aerobics. These classes are designed to get your heart rate up and keep you moving.

Cardio Strength

Cardio Strength classes includes interval training and weight classes designed with a focus on building strength and muscle with a cardio element as well.


Cycle classes use stationary bikes in a room. An instructor leads the class through a variety of different bike settings for a full workout. There are classes for all levels.


Dance classes use music and Latin-American dance moves for a full-body workout. These classes include Zumba, Hip Hop and Pop Fitness.

Kids & Family

These classes are low key, low impact and designed to get the family moving together. Classes are for ages 6 and up and may include Yoga or Sports Conditioning.

Pilates & Yoga

Pliates and Yoga classes improve flexibility and core strength. These classes are for beginners to advanced and include Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga and PiLo.

Strength Training

Strength training classes target specific muscle groups or provide an overall workout. These class include Toning (Total Body Strength) and Abs.

Water Exercise

Any group fitness class that takes place in the pool is a water exercise class. These clases include Deep Water Aerobics, Water Aerobics and Water Walking. 

On-site child care

This is not a free group fitness class, but YMCA on-site child care certainly helps you get to the gym when you know your little ones will be well taken care of. Offered at most YMCAs. 

All classes are not offered at all YMCAs. Please check the group fitness schedules for class locations and times. 

New to Fitness?

Explore our New to Fitness page for tips to get you started toward a better you.