Know. See. Respond.

At the Y, we are passionate about working with kids to develop their potential, while helping them learn, grow and thrive in a safe environment.

Our YMCA has comprehensive child protection policies and procedures that are reviewed regularly and part of conversations at every staff meeting.

Beyond that, it is in the interest of others to know these policies. Together, we can be vigilant and look for signs of abuse and neglect.

develop 3 habits in child abuse prevention


  • We KNOW when we understand the common practices of those who harm and the best practices to stop them.
  • We SEE when we can recognize the warning signs or behaviors that signal abuse or risk for abuse.
  • We RESPOND  when we take action in response to behaviors we recognize as being inappropriate or questionable

As we put these habits into practice at our YMCAs, they remind us of our responsibility to safety and what we can do as individuals to protect children from abuse. We're challenging you to be an upstander by speaking up when you see something wrong.

Child Safety Resources

If you have serious questions or concerns about any YMCA youth programs, contact the program supervisor or call our confidential hotline at 919-719-9690.

If you have questions, please contact us at

Become an Advocate

The YMCA of the Triangle is committed to protecting children, and proudly partners with Darkness to Light (D2L), a nonprofit that empowers adults to help prevent child sexual abuse. Through the D2L Stewards of Children training, adults learn tools to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

Click here to sign up for a training in your community. To learn more about D2L and the Stewards of Children program, 

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