The YMCA of the Triangle offers babies and kids a safe place to play, socialize and participate in structured activities while their parent or guardian use our facilities. We structure our groups based on age and grade so everyone has a good time and plenty of new friends.


This area is for our youngest. Typically the nursery serves babies up to about age 2. We have rocking chairs for snuggles, play mats, age-appropriate toys and an incredible staff who are ready and able to keep your little one safe and content. 


The Playhouse serves the younger child who is not yet school age. These spaces have lots of toys and activities. Staff may help children with art projects, read a story or lead games on our outdoor playgrounds. 

Funhouse (Game Room)

The Funhouse area is for elementary-age children. Here, our staff may lead a Kid Fit class, or play board games or craft projects. Occasionally, kids may participate in special projects like making holiday cards for senior assisted living centers, or bringing in canned food to support an area food bank. 


While kids at the YMCA are always placed in age appropriate groups, some YMCAs may use different names to distinguish those groups at each location. These on-site programs are offered at certain times each day, and there is a two-hour limit per child, per day. 

Please see your branch specific page for additional information including pricing.