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Part-Time Employee Resource Hub

Part-time Team Members

I'd like to return to the YMCA
We want you back! Former employees can apply directly through the Jobs Portal using their employee usernames. Vsit the Jobs Board, find your desired job, click apply for job and login using your employee username. 

Who should part-time team members talk with at the YMCA of the Triangle if they have questions?
Part-time team members should first connect with their supervisor and then contact Human Resources if they have additional questions.

How do employees reach the YMCA of the Triangle’s Employee Assistance Program?
As a reminder, all YMCA employees (full and part-time), have access to our Employee Assistance Program. This program includes counseling, legal support and resources and financial support and resources. They can learn more about the program, click here.

Human Resources Contacts and Support 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our Human Resource Team appropriately for your branch. 

Pat White
Kraft, Taylor, Northwest Cary, Ingram, Kerr and Finley 

Penny Carroll
Association Programs Branch, Alexander, Southeast Raleigh and Poole 

Patsy Holmes
Durham, Chapel Hill and Chatham

Morgan Stephens
Association Resource Center, Camp Sea Gull, Camp Seafarer and Camp Kanata 

Joanne Burden
Chief Human Resources Officer