Meet Your New Associate Executive: Molly McCabe

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

We are pleased to present the new Associate Executive Director of Healthy Living for the Northwest Cary YMCA: Molly McCabe! Molly comes from our Durham YMCA, where she served as the Senior Membership Experience Director, and before that worked at the Kraft Family Y.

Molly is best known for her enthusiasm, work ethic and passion for cause-driven work. We asked her to tell us a little more about herself and this is what she said: 



What are some of your greatest personal and professional accomplishments that have led you to accept this new role?
I have a Master’s degree in Psychology, which has served as a wonderful foundation for my work at the Y.  I have a very well-rounded work history which includes working with children as a pre-school teacher and a youth director at the Y, extensive customer service experience from the restaurant business, radio advertising sales, and from the Welcome Center at the Y! Lastly, I have worked in membership and wellness, as well as volunteerism in the thriving community of Durham and hope to bring some of that knowledge and passion for diversity and inclusion to the NW Cary Y.
My greatest accomplishment is being a wife to my husband Kevin, and a mom to my daughter, Kylie.

What are some short and long-term goals you have for the Northwest Cary YMCA?
Short-term goals are to meet staff, members, and volunteers and to get to know the community as well as their needs and hopes.
Long-term goals are to increase the diversity of the staff and volunteers as well as to expand our programming beyond the walls of the YMCA and beyond what we have traditionally offered. 

What are you most excited about when it comes to joining the Morrisville community?
I absolutely love the partnership with the church and all of the opportunities to serve people that that provides.  I am also excited about learning the different populations in and around NW Cary and finding out how best to meet them where they are and help them grow in their health and wellness. 

What is something that you think the Northwest Cary YMCA already does well or is already known for?
I am excited about some of the fitness offerings that we have – like Bollywood and Tai Chi as well as the Yogi Book Club and the NWC Run Club.  I have been so impressed already with the Volunteerism and community engagement – like Veterans Day and the Open Mic Night for kiddos – and Winterfest which is coming up! 

Is there anything else that the Northwest Cary YMCA’s members should be excited to know about you?
I have truly found my passion and calling at the Y.  My daughter is 10 and has participated in almost every Y Program – from soccer, to basketball, to swim team, to After School, Summer Camp, Y Guides, and even Camp Seafarer and Camp Kanata. My husband is a volunteer coach at the Y and has been for 6 years.  We are a Y family.  We believe in the principles, the mission, and the Cause.  We are committed to our community and to seeing each member and program participant reach his or her full potential. 


Please join us in welcoming Molly!