LIVESTRONG: John's Story

Livestrong YMCA Northwest Cary
Friday, November 2, 2018

John's Story

In December of 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. After surgery and 6 months of chemotherapy, I was declared cancer-free.

In December of 2017, three weeks before my LIVESTRONG intake visit, I found out cancer had spread to my lungs, that I was Stage IV and that I would be on some form of chemo for the rest of my life. Before cancer, I was physically active and exercising regularly, but in less than a year, cancer, surgery and months of chemotherapy had taken away most of my fitness, and a lot of my motivation and strength.

Participating in the LIVESTRONG program did two things for me. First, it reminded me that I was not alone; that there were others whose lives had been turned upside down like mine. Second, it provided structure. LIVESTRONG gave me a plan for moving forward to get back whatever fitness I could in light of having a life-changing illness.

Meeting with my LIVESTRONG instructors and my fellow classmates every week gave me a sense of community I didn’t have before. It was a place where I could feel supported as well as support my fellow classmates in a shared goal of taking back some of the fitness I had lost. I got back into good exercise habits I had given up and learned new ways to work with the limitations cancer had created.


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