Meet Your Camp Pathfinder Director!

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Hobie Dunn is the Camp Pathfinder Director this summer! Hobie has been working at the Y for almost 15 years and began his career at the Y because he saw that the work he could do could make an impact on a child’s life. He loves getting to meet so many families and knowing that the Y makes a difference in the communities he serves. Hobie’s first memory of camp was from when he was eight years old in Ft. Hood, Texas and camp had a Super Soaker war. Hobie says, “Almost every kid in the 90’s had a Super Soaker water gun- we were allowed to bring them to camp one day and had a battle with them. It was so much fun!”

Hobie’s favorite part of camp is afternoon assembly- they sing songs, have contests and perform skits. He loves getting to see the campers and counselors having such a fun time all together. Hobie has some great advice for first-time parents with kids starting camp: “Attend the camp orientation! You will gain much more knowledge that you would from just printed materials or our website because you have the chance to meet staff and ask questions. It also allows your children to see a familiar face on the first day, since they have already met their counselors at orientation!” 

Learn more about our brand-new Camp Pathfinder by visiting their camp web page