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Racial Equity and Inclusion

Advance Racial Equity and Inclusion For All

Racism, discrimination, unequal treatment and hate have no place in our community.

The Y is a beacon for good and systemic change. As an organization focused on strengthening the community and building common ground, we have been working to support equity and inclusion. And while we've made progress, we realize this work must continue.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion creates better people, better communities and a better world. This commitment is woven into our Mission - not only compelling us to do more, but demanding it.

This work is challenging and complex. It will require bold and courageous community leadership. And, we cannot do it alone. We are in the process of creating an Equity and Innovation Center to help individuals and organizations be more welcoming and explicit about their commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion and civic engagement.

By leveraging our expertise in our areas of impact: youth development, healthy living and social responsibility we pledge to be part of the change that must happen, and we will:


  • Develop, equip and empower diverse and representative leadership within our YMCA and across our full workforce.
  • Prioritize racial equity and the eradication of racism as an organizational imperative.
  • Facilitate on-going conversations with staff, volunteers and the community regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Ensure continued access to critical YMCA Programs and Services.
Racial Equity

"COVID-19 and unrest and uprise are affecting all of us. We need to be comfortable with the umbrella of Us rather than Us versus Them. We're all human beings looking face-to-face, eye-to-eye and standing together. Despite the changes around us, the one thing that doesn't change are the Christian values that underpin everything the Y does. I'm confident the Y is in the best position to meet the challenges in the Triangle."

Adrian Mullings, YMCA of the Triangle Young Professionals Board Chair

Donate Today

Ground Water Event
$150 = An opportunity for a participant to attend a three-hour workshop that examines the characteristics of modern-day racial inequity.

Racial Equity Institute
$295 = A two-day learning experience designed to help an adult leader understand and address racism both in their organization and the community.

Community Forums on Equity and Racism
$600 = A forum that brings individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences together to listen, learn and share their perspectives on issues of race, racial equity and social justice.