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COVID-19 Resource Hub

YMCA Team, 

The YMCA of the Triangle has the below information for all staff around the new Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This ETS was issued to help protect workers from the Coronavirus and the spread of COVID-19.

Under this new standard, companies with 100+ employees are given the option to either mandate vaccination or give their employees the choice to either vaccinate or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing.

The YMCA of the Triangle has opted to provide employees a choice and will not require vaccination of everyone. This implies that those not vaccinated submit to weekly testing starting in January. There are several deadlines that our association must meet to be in compliance with this new standard. 

Currently, the ETS is facing legal challenges. However, we are preparing for the eventuality of the requirements of the standard as soon as Dec. 5, 2021.

Click here to read the message our CEO, Doug McMillan, shared earlier. Please continue below for additional information about this rollout and continue to visit this page for updates. 

Stay well, 

Joanne Burden
Chief Human Resources Officer 



How do I show the YMCA my vaccination status?
Upload a copy of your vaccine card thru KENY. Use this link, or search the word “COVID” and follow the instructions. Remember, all staff receive a $50 incentive for uploading their cards.

I’m vaccinated but I don’t want to upload my card.
Unfortunately, the Occupation, Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all employers, including the YMCA, be able to prove an employee’s vaccination status upon request. Simply showing us your vaccine card does not meet those federal requirements.

What happens on Dec. 5?
Per the requirements of the mandate, the YMCA will require that all unvaccinated staff, or staff who have not yet uploaded their cards, wear a mask beginning Dec. 5 regardless of municipality decisions.

What happens on Jan. 4, 2022?
Unvaccinated staff, or staff who have not yet uploaded their vaccine cards, must be tested weekly to prove they are negative for COVID-19 before they can be scheduled for the following week. Further, unvaccinated staff will need to continue to wear masks while at work.

How and where can I get weekly tests?
The YMCA is still working on the details for weekly testing. These requirements are new for everyone. In further updates to this information page, we will include information on how/where to get the test, which test will be accepted as well as the manner in which we will collect proof of the test.

Please check back weekly for additional information.

I supervise staff. How will I know when/if I can schedule them?
We are working on a solution in KENY that will help you with scheduling and vaccine and/or testing status.

I have a vaccination exception. Who should I talk to?
Please contact Human Resources directly and we can navigate your specific circumstances.

Looking for more information?
Check out the summary and fact sheet from OSHA. On the fence about whether a COVID-19 vaccine is right for you? Check out NCDHHS information as well.

Human Resources Contacts and Support 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our Human Resource Team appropriately for your branch. 

Pat White
Kraft, Taylor, Northwest Cary, Ingram and Chatham

Penny Carroll
Alexander, Poyner, Southeast Raleigh, Poole and East Triangle

Patsy Holmes
Durham, Chapel Hill, Finley and Kerr 

Jamie Underwood
Association Resource Center, Association Programs Branch, Camp Sea Gull, Camp Seafarer and Camp Kanata 

Joanne Burden
Chief Human Resources Officer