Meet the Camp Directors: Chatham YMCA

Monday, May 15, 2017

As summer approaches, we want to make sure you get to know the team of directors that lead the Chatham YMCA Summer Day Camp. The team took some time out recently to sit down so we could ask them a few questions.

What makes working at the Chatham Y fun for you?

Marisol - I think it's the high energy. We try to turn everything up a notch, to deliver a fun experience for the kids and it ends up affecting us too.
Justin - It feels like home. We're not just co-workers, but family. We look after each other and spend time outside of work together.
Kevin - Yes - and not just our co-workers but our members and their parents feel like family too. We really make strong connections with folks here.

What is it about the Chatham YMCA Summer Day Camp that makes it so special?

Justin - We have such creative people. Our campers get to take part in fitness programs, hear guest speakers and do things they can't do anywhere else in the area. Everything we do is focused on YMCA character traits like caring, honesty, and responsibility. And the kids build friendships that last a lifetime.
Marisol - At Y Day Camp, kids aren't just being babysat for the summer. They're being challenged with new activities and enriched with programs that build strong character.

Let's talk about this team. What makes this team so successful?

Marisol - We're so comfortable asking for support from and giving support to each other. We want to see the Y happen in our community. We all live here and believe that the Y makes our community a better place.
Kevin - Our strengths compliment each other and match up. Where one of us has a weakness, another has a strength that fills that gap.
Justin -  We all grew up at the Y professionally, and have become a strong team. We know each other well.

Who's the most creative member of the team?

Justin - I'd say either Kevin or Marisol. They consistently come up with new ways to challenge our campers or solve problems. We can always count on answers from them.

Who's the "class clown" of the team?

Marisol - I think Ramiro has the most jokes. He's always cracking us up.
Kevin - It depends. Justin is just plain goofy.

What is one thing you would want parents of first-time campers to know about YMCA Day Camp?

Justin - Keep an open line of communication. Reach out to us, even if you want to check on your new camper. We want to make sure both you and your camper are comfortable with the summer camp experience, so don't hesitate to check in.
Kevin - Be sure to ask your kids about camp each day. Be specific. Beads are a key part of camp, so ask your camper what each bead he or she receives represents. It enriches the camp experience and gets you involved!

Marisol Hernandez & Kevin Moffitt are directors for YMCA Day Camp at Perry Harrison and North Chatham Elementary Schools
Ramiro Martinez & Justin Palmer are directors for YMCA Day Camp at Pittsboro Elementary School

The YMCA offers camps for a wide variety of ages and interests. To learn more about  Chatham YMCA Summer Day Camps, visit our Day Camp Page.