Setting Your Course for Fitness: Coaching Connections

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Coaching Connections is designed to connect members, one on one, with YMCA wellness coaches. Through this process, members can meet their wellness goals, make lasting changes, create relationships with YMCA staff members and make connections to additional training opportunities.

Here’s how it works:

YMCA staff will assist in scheduling a series of three coaching sessions. This allows the member to set realistic goals and apply lifestyle modifications with consistent check-ins as a goal-based routine is established.

The initial Coaching Connection session is a meeting to assess baseline readiness, personal exercise history, current goals, and any pertinent health history and physician directives. Additionally, that session will be utilized to demonstrate recommended warm-up, strength, cardio and cool down exercises. A written plan will be created to allow for independent exercise between sessions.

Returning Coaching Connection sessions are opportunities to assess the fit of the prescribed exercise regimen, expand exercise options and establish a fitness plan.

Getting started:

Contact Healthy Living Director Jeff Hymer ( with any questions or to schedule a Coaching Connections series that can be completed without interruption. Members are encouraged to come to all sessions dressed and prepared for physical activity.