Summer Day Camp Traditions

Monday, March 26, 2018

Every day of summer day camp is a new adventure, but even with the unique qualities of each day, our campers quickly learn all about the traditions of camp!

We asked a few of our directors at the Chapel Hill - Carrboro YMCA to share some of their favorite traditions. From the (friendly) competitions to the completely silly, there's seemingly something for everyone.

Finding our inner performers

Teen Director (& CILT facilitator) Ben Pruitt has an eye for the creative performances of camp: "I enjoy Wacky Wednesdays, and how they give every child the chance to embrace silliness and fun. I love how we show children that having fun is something adults can do, too!"  Ben also highlighted the endless collection of camp songs and the camaraderie and joy they bring to our groups.

first or last, we have a blast

Senior Youth Director Sam Simons has a special place in her heart for the legendary "Clearwater Games!"  The competitions are spirited, with everyone playing a valuable role to support their team throughout the week. Sam shares that one of the biggest traditions during the Games is the canoe race that brings all of camp together to cheer on their teams.

Not to be outdone, Sports Director Randy Smith and Associate Executive Director Aubrey Vinson each cited the Summer & Winter editions of international-themed competition at Chapel Hill Y Day Camp. Campers form nations with campers of all ages and put their skills to the test! The country banners are colorful, the facepaint flows and our older campers even have an opportunity to cheer for their younger "countrymates" as they compete in a wide range of events on the courts, fields, pool and playground!

Character Counts

All of our camps prioritize the recognition of making a positive impact on the camp. Whether it's a packed bead necklace earned from treating others with respect and kindness, a "Camper of the Day" ("HEY!") chant for a child that went above and beyond to lift their group or an end of the week Victory Lap for a group that embraced the opportunity to have a ton of fun while doing their best, we treasure these opportunities to put our stamp on each day, each week and each summer at the Y!

(Oh yeah, and there's Big Bob...and Huge Harry...and Tour de Backfield...and Slip'n'Slide Day...and Family Night...and tomorrow's Counselor Challenge...)

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