Swim for Exercise

Swimmer at the Y
Monday, May 7, 2018

Swimming is a great way to strengthen, tone and condition muscles with little to no pressure or impact that other exercise may cause.

Swimming increases muscle strength and tone quicker than many other types of exercises, according to YMCA aquatics directors. 

Water offers support for joints and bone. As you move into deeper water your body begins to decrease its weight bearing load. In layman’s terms, water helps support your weight. When you are immersed up to your neck, your body is only bearing 10 percent of its weight.

“Swimming is unique in that it is virtually impact-free,” said Kale Stevens, assistant director for the YOTA Swim Team. “Major athletes use pools for injury prevention and rehab. Swimming can help the healing process and keep them in shape.”

The water’s resistance helps tone muscles and gives you a great workout. No weights needed.

Adults can join the YMCA’s Masters Swim program, kids can start swim lessons or join a swim team. And each YMCA with a pool offers water fitness classes. These are perfect for exercise newcomers.

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