Something New Cycling Through

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Good news, YMCA Members! Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, we’ll be adding updated wellness equipment to our branches across the YMCA of the Triangle in late November.

cutting-edge options

It is always our goal to provide you with the latest in cutting-edge options for wellness. And we’re really excited about the equipment that will be delivered in November. We're confident that this update will support our members in reaching their health and wellness goals.
While specific equipment will vary slightly from branch to branch, be on the lookout for updated Spin Bikes featuring “Coach by Color” or “MyRide Personal,” Recumbent Bikes, Upright Bikes, and Power Mills. 
“We’re providing state-of-the-art equipment to our branches,” said the YMCA of the Triangle’s Vice President of Healthy Living, Susan Pettengill. “Programs like ‘Coach by Color’ and ‘MyRide’ will really enhance our ability to provide fantastic workout experiences that are inclusive of our entire membership base.”
Be sure to ask your branch’s wellness staff for more specifics on the equipment you can expect to find at your branch during the last week of November.

New Equipment Delivery Schedule

Monday, Nov. 27: Ingram, Kraft, Taylor
Tuesday, Nov. 28: Finley, Kerr
Wednesday, Nov. 29: Durham, Chapel Hill, Chatham
Thursday, Nov. 30: Alexander, Poole
Keep in mind that these dates are subject to change! Once the equipment arrives, we’ll have staff trained on usage of the equipment on-site and ready to walk you through the basics and answer any questions you have. Get ready for even more options for wellness!