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Program Changes for YMCA School Programs

In the last few months, the YMCA has been working with state and local schools and health officials to ensure that our YMCA School Programs are safe, academically enriching and meet the needs of our school communities. 

As with many things this year, our school programs have changed a bit. Please read the following to understand what we're doing to meet the needs of our parents, the community and of course, the children. 

Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop off and pick up will be outside. Look for Rides In/Rides Out signage and additional signs to direct you to the right place. YMCA staff will greet you outside when you arrive and when you come to pick up your child.

Health screenings will occur during drop off, and we ask parents do not enter the building.

Social Distance Huddles

Students will be placed in groups of 10 - 12. Children will remain in this small group throughout the day with one staff member per group.

We aim to keep group kids together by school and family relationships, keeping siblings together. This means there may be mixed age groups. We anticipate our younger students will need more support, and by grouping them with older students, it allows us to give more attention to our younger students. Grouping by school and siblings helps keep our students safe.

Two huddles can gather in the same room as long as social distancing requirements can be maintained. Huddles can only interact with their assigned “partner” huddle. For example, Huddle A and Huddle B can play games together but only with each other.  

Students will remain in their huddles and with their counselor and rotate to activities.


Scholastic Support Centers
Students will have access to quiet rooms, Wi-Fi and adequate work space to complete their online school classes and sessions.

We will strive to not share equipment, and there will be no large group activities. 

All Programs
While children will remain with huddles and counselors, activities will be more individually focused. These activities include gym games, outside time, KidFit classes, brain games and STEM activities.

Our creative staff team has planned activities that are engaging and that will also keep your children as safe as possible while allowing for social distancing, no equipment being passed from person to person and no large group interaction.


Scholastic Support Centers will be available as one, two, three, four or five-day, per week sessions. Each week parents can choose the days they need care. These days can change each week depending on a parent's schedule.

Parents can register their child(ren) for the weeks they need programs. You must register at least two days prior to your program start date. For example, if your child needs care on a Monday, you must register him/ her by midnight on Saturday. 

After School and Before School programs are sold by the week for most school systems. 

Each week of programming is sold individually. 

The YMCA requires a $5 deposit per week, per program. The balance is due on the first of the month. For example, all November care payments are due on November 1. The YMCA will draft your account or charge your credit card on this day. 

Due to the ever-changing nature of COVID, we are offering YMCA School Programs for registration through Dec. 31, 2020..