Dexter Hebert - 2017 Leaders In Diversity Award Winner

Friday, September 8, 2017

Dexter Hebert was honored today as one of the Triangle Business Journal's 2017 Leaders in Diversity award winners. Dexter has served at the Alexander Family YMCA for many years and currently holds the position of Branch Executive Director for the future Southeast Raleigh YMCA.

The Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Lori Gibbs, defined a leader in diversity as "an individual who understands, drives, supports, and implements diversity and inclusion." During his time with the YMCA of the Triangle, Dexter has been a passionate advocate for change in the Southeast Raleigh. Through shared vision with partnerships such as the Southeast Raleigh Promise and the Wake County School System, the campus of the Southeast Raleigh YMCA will bring much-needed services and support to a largely minority-based community in an area where such resources are sparse. 

These partnerships, along with money raised through the YMCA's Annual and Capital Campaigns, have helped to make Dexter's vision a reality. Construction has begun on the property of Rock Quarry Rd. thanks to funds raised through the ongoing Capital Campaign. Kids continue to be served in Southeast Raleigh youth programs such as Walnut Creek After School, Track Out, Y Learning and Camp Renaissance with available scholarships made possible by generous contributions to the Annual Campaign. Walnut Creek Elementary and PAVE Southeast Raleigh Charter School host weekly group fitness classes such as Zumba, Yoga, Hip Hop and Circuit Training that will eventually be housed in our new facility. Thanks to advocates like Dexter being an agent of change, Southeast Raleigh residents will have a place where they can be encouraged in spirit, mind and body in the coming years.