Another Finley Frenzy is in the Books!

Monday, August 27, 2018

On Sunday, August 26, nearly 200 kids between the ages of 7 - 14 participated in the 14th annual Finley Frenzy Youth Triathlon. Participants are split into three age divisions and challenged to swim in Finley's outdoor pool, bike around Finley's parking lot and neighboring roads, then run laps around the upper fields. Every year, hundreds of families and volunteers come out to support this terrific event, which is more than just a race.

"The Frenzy is so special to the Finley Y because it fulfills all components of the YMCA's cause, which is to strengthen the foundations of the community through the pillars of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility," says Laura Holt, a Wellness Director at the A.E. Finley YMCA and the Finley Frenzy's primary organizer. "We're able to bring in vendors from all over the community to support the efforts of our young athletes. It's amazing to watch our neighbors and volunteers support these kids as they work hard to reach their goals." 

"This is such a terrific opportunity to provide encouragement for our competitors. So many of these kids gain a tremendous amount of confidence by competing in and finishing this race," says Julia Collins, who has been the lead transition volunteer for the Finley Frenzy for the past several years. "The most important thing is to encourage them to have fun. That's what it's all about!"

Many participants have raced in the Frenzy for many years, while others raced for the first time on Sunday. Alumni of the race are encouraged to wear t-shirts from previous Frenzies on race day, creating a rainbow of Finley Frenzy spirit. The race is timed, which offers an opportunity for experienced participants to be competitive, but overall, the race is extremely welcoming to participants who just want to give the "tri" a try. "We realize that as a strong youth and wellness leader in the Triangle, the Y has a responsibility to not only support current athletes, but to invite all of our youth to try something new and potentially find a new passion," says Laura.

To its core, the Finley Frenzy is an event that works to bring out the best in all youth. "My favorite thing about the Frenzy is seeing the smiles on the faces of each athlete, as well as their families, as they cross the finish line," adds Laura. "The Frenzy is such a great way for kids to experiment with various components of activity, battle through adversity, and smile through the times they see success. I'm so proud of what we accomplished this year in our 14th Frenzy!"

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