Preschool Swim Lessons

It's never too early to learn to swim at the Y! Classes are progressive, and taught year-round. All children are evaluated on the first day of class and placed in the class that best meets their current ability.

Basic skills taught

  • blowing bubbles
  • water acclimation
  • leg and arm movement
  • floating
  • jumping off the side of the pool

Instructor to child ratio is 1:6 allowing plenty of time in the water. Parents are welcome to watch classes from the pool deck.

Is your child ready for swim lessons?

  • Child can separate from the parent
  • Child listens well and is able to take turns
  • Child can obey simple instructions
  • Child enjoys water and has expressed an interest

The Y knows each child is different and will progress at his or her own pace. Learning to swim takes time and patience. Y swim instructors will let parents know how each child progressed at the end of the session.